Tridentine Diocesan Museum

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The museum is located in Piazza Duomo 18, in the historic centre, a restricted traffic area that can be accessed with a disabled tag and after communication to the local police. Nearby, there are several parking lots reserved for people with disabilities (4 in via Belenzani at about 50 m and one in via Garibaldi at 65 m). It is also possible to park for free along the adjacent streets (or in other types of parking lots, where present). 
The entrance to the museum has a 7.40 – m – long external ramp with a 9% slope followed by a 98 – cm – long internal ramp with an 8% slope. 
The building can be visited with the exception of some rooms preceded by one or more steps; there are stairlifts, elevators and internal ramps for the access to the floors. On the second floor, there is the video station for the virtual visit of the City Tower, while on the ground floor, you can get a glimpse of Porta Veronensis. The equipped toilets are located on the ground floor of the museum.

The entrance door is 120 cm wide (the force required for the opening is 10 kg, the threshold is 5 cm high).
The internal ramps have a variable slope (from 12% to 16%) for lengths ranging from 106 to 149 cm.
The stairlift for the access to the floors and the one for accessing the Treasure Room both have a platform of 79×121 cm and a capacity of 250 kg.
The elevator has an 80 – cm – wide door and dimensions of 110×140 cm, the pushbuttons are in relief (the outer one is 110 cm high and the internal one 130 cm).
The equipped toilets are preceded by an 88 – cm – long ramp with a slope of 22%; they have a 78 – cm – wide door and a size of 164×204 cm; the toilet is 49 cm high and has support handles on both sides.


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