Archeological Area of Sas

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The archeological area is located in Piazza Cesare Battisti in the historic city centre of Trento, a restricted traffic area that can be accessed with a disabled tag and after communication to the local police. In the surroundings, there are parking lots reserved for people with disabilities (one in via Manci at about 100 metres and one in via San Pietro at about 80 metres). It is also possible to park for free along the adjacent streets (or in other types of parking lots, where present).

The main entrance is with steps, the one without barriers is at the back of the adjacent theatre where there is the elevator that leads to the underground area (useable on request at 0461-230171). The trails inside the archeological site have variable slopes (from a minimum of 9% to a maximum of 17%); some areas are preceded by steps (with a maximum height of 14 cm). The two conference rooms are accessible; upon request, there is a video showing the virtual reconstruction of the ancient city and parts of the inaccessible areasThere are unequipped toilets.


The main entrance is preceded by 26 steps that are each 16 cm high.
The entrance door is 90 cm large.
The elevator has an 86 – cm – wide door and a size of 150×115 cm; the push-button panels are in Braille (the external one is 120 cm high and the internal one 136 cm).
The toilets have an 87 – cm – wide door and a size of 118×146 cm; the toilet is 41 cm high.

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